Each year, WiloStar recognizes the graduating class by sponsoring a very nice virtual commencement in Wiloworlds. Grads get to wear avatar caps and gowns, march down the virtual aisle and even pick up their diplomas. There are some short speeches from the administration, teachers and graduating class. Having a virtual ceremony allows for the most flexibility of family and student attendance and has turned into a wonderful experience despite being virtual. 

Each graduating senior is more than welcome to invite up to 4 guests to attend if they would like to download Wiloworlds and come in from a remote location. We will then email you with download instructions to provide them directly from your end and also be responsible for making sure they have the audio app working before the big day. Otherwise, you may want to have family members simply gather around your computer to watch the event.

Then, we mail out the professionally printed diploma in the mail for your own special family celebration or dinner. The mailing is timed to arrive on or the day before the virtual ceremony.  In past years, some families have also purchased their own graduation announcements to mail out to family and friends as well. It’s also fun for grads to wear a cap and gown for the virtual ceremony and at the end you can take a picture of them holding the ‘real’ diploma we mail out. Our school colors are royal blue and white.



Thank you for providing such a rich learning environment and for helping my child succeed over the years! WIloStar has changed our lives in ways we never imagined!

- Happy Parent


Full Accredited Private School Status

Established in 2000 and graduated hundreds of students!

WiloStar3D Academy, a world leader in online homeschooling and 3D virtual worlds for K-12 education has received full accreditation from  The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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