Typical Day at the WiloStar3D Academy

9:00 AM

Daniel enters the WiloStar3D campus and “walks” over to the main school building. He enters and walks toward the study hall and library. He notices he has a telegram. It is from his teacher telling him to check his daily feedback sheet in the WiloStar3D course area. Daniel takes his seat in study hall and then clicks on a 3D book to launch his personal daily feedback sheet. This¬† integrated in-world Web page has comments on his progress as well as suggestions and grades for completed assignments. His instructor has sent back revisions to the historical fiction piece he was working on in English. Daniel’s story involved Colonial America, something he was also studying in social studies. Daniel reads the revisions and comments from his instructor and notes any missing assignments he needs to do today.

9:20 AM

Daniel decides to view the daily news feed for his class. He makes sure he checks the 3D virtual class conference schedule as this can sometimes involve 3d building projects and Knowledge Tower presentations and he wants to be prepared!


9:30-11:00 Daniel gets started on the daily assignments. He decides to start reading the next twenty pages of The Cay, a novel he is reading to complement his middle school oceanography module. Today’s conference deals with literature so Daniel wants to be prepared.


Online class meeting inside the 3D virtual classroom!



Lunch and time for a break!


Next stop is science. Daniel  researches information for his 3D ocean zones virtual world project. After his research Daniel teleports into the 3D virtual ocean world and works on his ocean zone.


Math: Daniel starts up the Teaching Textbook math CD to start his math for the day.

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