Middle School Tuition

3450.00 Annually$Ten Payments of $345 - OR pay in full and get a 10% off discount

All inclusive Middle School ProgramLive Class Meetings in our 3D CampusFully accredited by Cognia with certified teachersEnroll Now

High School Tuition

3950.00$Ten Payments- of $395 OR pay in full for 10% Discount

Full Time High School ProgramTuition covers 6 credits a yearCertified TeachersInteractive live classes in our 3D CampusFully accredited by AdvancED/CogniaEnroll Now!

Tuition Policy

Please make sure you read and understand our tuition policy before enrolling.

Payment Information

WiloStar3D accepts all major credit and debit cards for tuition and fees. Upon acceptance into our program you will need submit payment via our secure online billing center. We charge your card on file each month for the installment plan and an email receipt is sent to you each month. If you are paying in full for the discount you need to mail a check or money order directly to our office. A pay in full invoice will be emailed which you will then print out and mail with your payment. Please note that the new student orientation information will not be released until both the registration fee and first tuition installment has been processed.

Note- The discounted pay in full is only offered on the annual tuition. We do not offer a discount on mid year enrollments.

Extra Fees

EXTRA FEES: 1. Teaching Textbooks  online math subscription. 

The pricing is dependent on the level you order so we don’t include this in your base tuition. You need to order this directly from Teaching Textbooks.

2. Novels for Integrated Studies. This is roughly $39 per year.

3. High School foreign language electives have a course fee. See the elective page description to determine if there is a fee.

Discounts for Full Year Payment

If the total annual tuition is prepaid there will be a 10% discount. Note- discount not offer on semester tuition prepayment.

If families have more than 2 children enrolled they will be awarded a 10% discount off ONE student’s tuition if using the installment plan.

Note: you may use the 10% pay in full discount OR the 10% sibling discount but not both.

Tuition Installment Program

WiloStar3D offers families an automatic debit monthly installment plan. A financial contract must be completed which determines the payment method (this is expected within one week of acceptance of registration by the admissions committee).To finalize acceptance of a student, the financial contract must be completed no later than one week after the preliminary acceptance letter is received and records must be transferred from any previous school.

Financial Policies

1. Registration fees are $ 125.00 per child. Re-registration fees are $25.00 per child (after July 1, $50.00, after August 1, $70.00). All registration fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable.

2. Tuition payments are made using an automatic debit with a credit card or debit card. When you submit your first payment via the WiloStar3D estore, the date for each subsequent payment under your contract will be debited every thirty days for a total of TEN payments. For instance, if your first payment was made on August 2nd, the second payment will be made 30 days from that date. If your automatic debit payment gets declined via our credit card processing system, we will attempt to put it through the next business day. If your payment fails a second time it’s our policy to temporarily disable the student account until the financial obligation is taken care of. We also reserve the right to request the remainder of the semester be paid in full if your automatic payments continually return a declined status. *** Please ensure that you have enough available funds each month on or near the due date of your payment to avoid disrupting you child’s academic progress.

3. Tuition payments are due on the date established by the financial contract. If any payment is declined the account will be charged a late fee of $30.00 or 1.5 % of the balance (whichever is greater). If any account is declined more than twice, student access to all WiloStar3D areas and virtual worlds will be suspended until the account becomes current.

4. Tuition installments paid into the contract are nonrefundable at time of withdrawal. In addition, you are responsible for one full semester (or five payments) regardless of the date of withdrawal. ***Signing up for the installment plan and checking the box agreeing to the terms is the equivalent of your eSignature agreeing to these tuition terms and serves as your enrollment contract.

5. If tuition fees or charges are due at the close of the school year, report cards will not be issued, nor records released, nor will re-enrollment be possible until the payments are made in full. Quarterly Progress reports will also be delayed if account balances are not up-to-date.

Refund Policy for Pay in Full Tuition

For families who pay in full the following refund policy is in effect:

  • 100% refund until midnight of the 3rd business day after submitting pay in full payment
  • 75% refund until midnight of the 6th business day
  • 50% refund until midnight on the 7th business day
  • No refunds after that time.

WiloStar3D Academy offers the best courses around, at the best prices!

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Full Accredited Private School Status

Established in 2000 and graduated hundreds of students!

WiloStar3D Academy, a world leader in online homeschooling and 3D virtual worlds for K-12 education has received full accreditation from AdvancED.

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