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First, our immersive 3D virtual approach teaches students to think creatively and work like the professionals they will become. In science, students observe and reason with evidence like true scientists. In technology, students face technical problems much like working 3D graphic artists. The daily online program for middle school through high school includes challenges that encourage thinking practices professionals use in everyday situations.

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Secondly, we focus student attention on big questions that are central to a subject, such as “How can I be independent and still be part of the group?”, or “How can we learn the truth about the past?”  Teachers create opportunities for students to connect their daily learning to these important considerations, and in so doing, help them to make sense of both their daily work and of the world around them.

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Finally, the WiloStar3D program is structured to help students find and nurture their passions in a 3D immersive environment where each child feels safe bringing his/her whole self to school. Teachers create an online community where children can comfortably express their culture and family dynamic, and 3D immersive classrooms where students can take risks, articulate opinions and learn from thoughtful dialog.

Of course, there are other areas where WiloStar3D stands out among its peers. We are well-known for highly integrated course and module studies with immersive learning activities embedded in the curriculum. WiloStar3D also has a strong collaborative community among students, teachers and families and this fosters an environment where children can express themselves in a safe and fun setting.