WiloStar3D Academy Student Services

Student Services

The counseling department at WiloStar3D Academy offers student services in the areas of academic, career, and college planning. Post-secondary college/technical placement, scholarships, and financial aid information are also available through the student services department.

The mission of WiloStar3D’s Student Services department is to provide a service that contributes to the academic success, personal growth, and positive social contribution of our students. We embrace a student-oriented philosophy that is respectful of diversity and is committed to the development of the student as a whole person.

WiloStar3D students may visit the student services corner in Wiloworlds to initiate a request for an appointment. Student Services consists of our  virtual guidance counselor, teachers and the school director.  All of us are here to help you succeed! It is our hope that within the student services corner, parents and students alike can get connected to resources that are helpful to students in meeting their educational, career and personal goals.


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