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Statement of Faith

1. God is the eternal Creator, Sustainer, and Provider of all things. He created the universe, man and all things in it.
2. Jesus Christ is the only begotten, virgin-born Son of God; He lived a sinless life and shed His blood for our sin. He rose from the grave, ascended into heaven, and will return to the earth. He is the Lord, only Mediator, and the only Savior.
3. The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment; in believers he affects the new birth, indwells, fills, empowers, instructs, guides, and bestows gifts.
4. Salvation is God’s grace received through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
5. All men will be resurrected in the body. The saved will be resurrected unto life eternal; and the lost unto eternal damnation.
6. Believers have spiritual unity in the Lord Jesus Christ.
7. The Bible is the only, inspired, infallible, authoritative, preserved Word of God.


A well-developed Christian worldview will affect literature, current events, math, and science.  At WiloStar3D Academy, we want our students to view the world through a Biblical lens, to be equipped to engage the world with scriptural discernment, and to make positive, Christian contributions to our world.

WiloStar3D Academy, out of a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, has a desire and commitment to the following:

Teach students biblical truths that they can integrate into all knowledge.
Teach students the ability to coherently articulate those Godly truths.
Teach students to measure all knowledge based on those biblical truths (John 17:17-19).
Present a well-developed educational program, provided by a dedicated administration and staff that is committed to meeting the particular needs within the immersive virtual learning community.

Reasons to Enroll in the WiloStar3D Academy

We think different. We are unique, constantly evolving, and innovative. We stand true to our  “creating creators” philosophy to help all students achieve their potential in their own unique way. We are American Christian patriots that believe in the power of God, Family and Country and the unified strength this brings to education.

Holistic Learning

WiloStar has a holistic approach to learning. We believe students need to have real world learning and experiences in addition to their virtual learning activities. From outdoor field experiences and science experiments to community service, out students receive a balanced education with us.

Immersive Demos

WiloStar students and teachers interact and create in our ground-breaking immersive learning platform called WiloStarius. Our universe for learning is designed for creative thinkers and inventors.

Nationally Recognized

WiloStar3D is fully accredited by both the National Private Schools Accreditation Group and the Alliance of Immersive Schools. Our grads have all been accepted to colleges of their choices for over twenty years!

Create Virtual Worlds

WiloStar students create immersive worlds, Knowledge Towers and Knowledge Galleries based on topics they are learning in their courses. This makes learning more meaningful and addresses higher order thinking.

App and Design Courses

We also offer many digital design courses to help our students graduate with a diverse portfolio of skills based on their interests.

Coding & Gaming

WiloStar offers coding and gaming classes such as Unity game engine development, and eSports competitive team online gaming for college scholarships.

An Integrated Approach

WiloStar utilizes an integrated approach to learning. This means that our language arts program across all grade levels uses novels to anchor the themes and topics across all subjects. To read more about our integrated approach visit the middle and high school overview sections of our site.

Interactive Electives

WiloStar offers both self-directed and live interactive electives for our students. From coding, to 3D game and character creation to the Science of Sherlock Holmes, we have something for everyone. WiloStar also allows our students to take outside electives if they have specific interests that we do not offer. Approval is handled on a case by case basis. Students in grades 6-11 also have a PE requirement that is fulfilled locally. View our elective overviews for more details!

Integrated Block Scheduling

WiloStar3D Academy is set up with an integrated block scheduling emphasis. In the middle school, students complete focues five week modules that include a unifing novel genre to compliment either the science or social stuides theme. In our high school, students complete a full year course over one semester and that cuts down on disjointed learning and allows them to concentrate on two core courses and two smaller electives per semester.

Ready to enroll?

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