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WiloStar Timeline

School Founded

School founded in 1999 as the Wiloway Cyberschool and opened our virtual doors to our first 7 students.

April 1999

Obtains Private School Accreditation

Obtains Private School Accreditation via the Private Schools Accreditation Group

January 2000

Evolves to 3DLearn

The Willoway Cyberschool evolved into 3DLearn Interactive Academy with the advent of our first use of immersive learning.

November 2002

Obtains CITA Accreditation

3DLearn Interactive Academy obtains CITA accreditation. CITA was an excellent smaller group back in 2006 that focused on educational technology and the blossoming beginnings of virtual schools. We felt confident in adding this to our credentials alongside our private school accreditation.

July 2007

3DLearn Evolves into WiloStar3D Academy

In order to distinguish our school from others, we strengthened our vision to "serving the needs of unique learners by utilizing immersive technologies." We evolved into what we are still operating under to this day- WiloStar3D Academy.

October 2008

CITA Morphs into AdvancED

The original CITA group morphed into AdvancED within five years. We were concerned with the changes because it was increasingly slanted towards standardized testing to measure student succcess. We forged on and renewed our credential with some worries.

May 2012

AdvancED Morphs into Cognia

AdvancED morphs into Cognia and WiloStar's concerns continued to accelerate as the changing standards were even less conducive to allowing alternative forms of assessment. Additionally, the standards had changed to mandate and measure topics we did not believe in. Behind the scenes, WiloStar board and leadership were in talks about our future direction and our relationship with this now global organization. We began to seriously question what was happening in education and how this also impacts large and small virtual schools. WiloStar proceeded with accreditation renewl with trepidations.

April 2017

Decision Made

April of 2021, after full review of the newly revised Cognia standards for virtual schools, we made the decision to let this credential expire and return to our private school roots. WiloStar wanted to ensure our students' needs would be met without changing our program testing requirements or other lesson formats. More concerning however was the push to teach and include topics we felt had no place in schools. We know what works best for our students and we decided to stick with a path that matched our unique learners.

April 2021

Back to our Roots

In April of 2022, WiloStar3D Academy now only maintained our original Private School Accreditation credential. Students are thriving, succeeding, obtaining admissions to colleges of their choices and best of all, the school is free of global accreditation. We are proving each and every day that homeschooling, and virtual schooling in particular, can take many different paths and still produce top-notch graduates capable of going down their own path to successful careers. This includes being admitted to colleges of their choices! We were very proud we stuck to our school goals and Christian values. The "proof is in the pudding" as they saying goes.

April 2022

Strengthening Christian and Patriotic Focus

In May of 2022, WiloStar3D Academy made the decision to strengthen our focus on Christian education alongside a strong desire to teach the US Constitution and the original intentions of our Founding Fathers. Work began on new curriculum to support these goals with intentions to offer our first faith-based and patriotic modules Fall of 2023. Existing WiloStar students who enrolled prior to our new Christian focus would not be required to take these new electives but all new students enrolling spring of 2024 would be required to complete the Christian curriculum. We are not replacing the core WiloStar immersive learning our students and parents have come to love and know. We are expanding it now with a biblical worldview and strenghtening our faith-based learning modules and lessons.

May 2022

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