Reasons to Enroll in WiloStar3D Academy

Fully Certified Teachers

Accredited by AdvancED/SACS

Nationally Recognized Immersive Learning Program

Award winning immersive learning curriculum!

Engaging Online Homeschooling

WiloStar3D is geared towards holding and keeping student attention with our interactive virtual world curriculum!

Appeals to Techie Teens

If your student loves Minecraft and other world building tools and games, then WiloStar3D will be right up their alley.

Great for Multiple Learning Styles

WiloStar3D is great for multiple learning styles and is especially good for visual learners.

Best of Both Worlds

With our combination of both live interactive classes for homeschooling as well as our flexible study hall times, students get the best of both worlds.

Fully Accredited

Our families can rest assured that their students are working towards a fully accredited and accepted high school diploma!

Caring Teachers

If you are looking for a faculty who truly cares about your child, then look no more! WiloStar3D teachers are exceptionally dedicated to the success of all students!

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