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Pick a Plan that Works for Your Student

WiloStar3D offers tutoring to both our full time students in the WiloStar3D Academy as well as homeschool students only utilizing our tutoring for individual tutoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of our frequently asked questions about our tutoring services.

How can I see how the immersive tutoring works?

We suggest you watch one of the recorded demos as a starting place.


How do I schedule the tutoring times?

The WiloStar3d student support team will reach out once you sign up for our services. The support team will conduct an initial learning assessment in the subject needed and create an individual tutorial learning plan based on those results. The support team will then provide you with a recommended time frame strategy for the subject(s) needed.

Do I need special equipment?

Yes, students utilizing our immersive platform need to have a good graphics card and specific computer specs. You will also need a microphone headset.

Using Scholarship Funds

WiloStar3D is an approved vendor for several state scholarship programs. Contact us for more details on how to use a state funded scholarship program or to see if you qualify.

Prefer to enroll full time?

"The WiloStar3D immersive tutoring helped my son focus better and he successfully completed his science course and had fun in the process."

– Karen M.

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