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Interactive Classes in Immersive Wiloworlds Campus

Students attend live class meetings inside our ground-breaking immersive campus and create virtual builds in their own learning spaces.

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Integrated Courses and Modules

The WiloStar3D Academy course offerings have been developed in-house with our immersive activities and content coordinating and supporting our learning progression framework. Students master content based on the WiloStar progression and Florida Sunshine Standards.

Live Builds to Support Learning

Teachers and students have a multitude of building tools at their disposal. This enhances the creative process and makes learning more meaningful.

Integrated LMS

Students and teachers can access our LMS directly inside Wiloworlds or via any device outside of the 3D campus.

Integrated Learning Tools

Wiloworlds virtual 3D classrooms have integrated audio, interactive, fully functioning web boards, and teacher moderator panels.

Wiloworlds Student Crew

WiloStar3D Academy students become members of the Wiloworlds crew team. Students participate in daily learning missions, explore new worlds and travel through the Wiloworlds universe to build, create and learn! A huge library of crew members is available to all WiloStar3D Academy students and more customizations are coming!

Immersive Learning Builds Stronger Relationships Between Concepts

The WiloStar3D Academy immersive learning program is unlike any other. Students build, create, research, interact and grow as learners. Instead of just reading about King Arthur, students become King Arthur, write scripts, create medieval villages and kingdoms and make learning come alive.

Build Virtual Coral Reefs and Underwater Sea Labs!

Students research topics related to all WiloStar learning modules and courses and build themed virtual worlds to showcase their knowledge. Students write scripts and give virtual tours of their builds which strenthens writing, research skills and higher order thinking skills.

Interactive Live Learning Virtual Campus and Virtual Universe

Students have live class meeting requirements along with a live study hall during the school day. Students also have daily 3D building projects that enhance and strengthen the learning process.

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