Interactive Homeschooling Program like no other!

Nationally Recognized immersive learning curriculum

Students role-play historical characters, put on plays for other WiloStar3D students, create interactive games, and work on assignments inside our virtual worlds for learning.  Students also learn 3d computer programming, work with graphics program and address key 21rst century learning goals. This creative approach to learning is what WiloStar3D is all about!

Promotes Creativity

  •  Goes from passive learning to active learning.3D technology used as a means to enhance online homeschooling learning process. Incorporates stimulating 3D collaborative projects and virtual world development.
  • Utilizes role play and character immersion. Homeschooling students become historical characters, scientists, wolves or whatever they are learning about.
  • Adapts to different learning styles.
  • Promotes higher order thinking skills.

Keeps students engaged

  • Helps retain materials learned in our online homeschooling 3D virtual worlds.
  • Enhances problem-solving abilities.
  • Keeps homeschooling students engaged.
  • Results in higher homeschooling achievement levels.

Motivates Students

  • Motivates homeschooling students to excel and keeps them engaged.
  • Certified teachers and fully accredited homeschooling program.
  • Makes homeschooling fun.
  • Fully accredited homeschooling program.

Interactive Virtual Worlds for Learning

Live classes in our 3D Virtual Campus

Campus Tour

Immersive Learning Video Demos / Interactive Virtual Worlds

Knowledge Towers

Knowledge Towers

Historical Avatars

historical avatars / Interactive Virtual Worlds

Wilostar3D Classrooms

3D Campus / Knowledge Towers


Fully Accredited by AdvancED/SACS

Ideal for all learning styles

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