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Quick 3D Class Tour

Students attend live class meetings in our 3D immersive campus.

Custom Avatar Tool

WiloStar3D Academy students have a rich and varied selection of custom and premade avatars to choose from. Students create their virtual identity by either using the customizer or choosing an avatar from the menu. We have opportunites for students to earn the privilege of reserving their own premade avatar that can travel seamlessly between all worlds.

WiloStar3D Immersive Online Homeschooling Program Demos

Our Immersive Platform

Our Virtual World Platform

 WiloStar3D students attend class, build and socialize in our Wiloworlds virtual world educational platform. This is the software that you use to visit WiloStar’s 3D Campus and 3D virtual worlds. Wiloworlds is a  “closed” educational environment for the safety of our students. If you would like to obtain a guest visitor pass then please fill out our online contact form and a tour guide will email you with your guest pass information. Our goal is to allow you to come see the exciting things we do yet still protect our existing students.

We run our 3D worlds on our own servers to ensure the safety of our participants. We also require that all participants sign a code of conduct to ensure appropriate behavior is respected and upheld. A WiloStar3D staff member will always be present during Wiloworlds hours of operation. A world is a place that you inhabit along with other online homeschool students who are logged in at the same time as you are. You can communicate with other users, and you can see their avatars. Many worlds let you build, and whatever you build is visible to all other homeschoolers who visit that world.

In our platform your own 3D avatar represents you. There is a huge number of avatars to choose from. You can change your avatar with just the simple click of a button. Avatars can run, jump, fly, dance, and enable you to express a whole host of emotions.

Our immersive learning environments offer nextgen graphics and includes tools to enhance online instruction and building in virtual worlds.

Being part of WiloStar and participating in an interactive 3D experience is fun, educational and worthwhile. We have been hosting and building educational communities now for over twenty years and we can tell you students and families LOVE it.

As social environments, our virtual worlds are unique in that they are graphical. This allows people to express their identity VISUALLY, rather than just through written words. The result is a whole new realm of self-expression and social interaction with subtleties and complexities not seen in text-only environments.

Online Gifted Homeschooling Avatar
Wiloworlds coral reef virtual world project

WiloStar Crew Member Sampling

Avatar Crew Members

Ready to blast off to explore new worlds and complete missions for learning? WiloStar students choose a crew member as their unique student avatar to use exclusive to themselves.

Creativity Unleashed

The WiloStar3D Creativity theory means students are meaningfully engaged in creating new immersive learning activities through interaction with others and actively involved in the creative process. Avatars help accomplish this goal.

Interactive Learning

WiloStar students interact in a gamelike environment where they can 'sit' in class, run across misty mountains and fly through the horizons of learning.

Personal Expression

WiloStar3D allows students to explore different facets of their personalities using avatars in a safe educational environment.

Avatars Teach Social Skills

We show students how their own personality traits and behavior effects others' perceptions of identity. This gives students a chance to see that how you "act" within the 3D world can impact how others view you.

New Avatars Added Constantly

WiloStar3D is constantly evolving and changing to adapt to new technology and to improve its educational program for the benefit of students. We also expect this of our students.

Student Avatar Designs

For our more advanced 3D design students, we offer the chance to add their own creations to WiloStarius.

Role Playing

When you play a role different from your everyday viewpoint, new insight is developed by stepping into another's shoes.

Express your Voice

Students want to express their voice and spirit, and to be able feel safe in their learning environment.

Mod your World

Students complete WiloStar Interactives inside WiloStarius, a revolutionary immersive learning platform that allows students to mod and build their own worlds and regions.

WiloStar Learning Pathway Method

As a student in the WiloStar3D Academy, you will learn how to build, design, and code your own virtual levels and regions. Each week, as part of your course work and modules, you will complete building and design activities to develop your Learning Pathway region. Each Learning Pathway region has building stations. Your teacher will assign building projects for each station along the pathway. You will share, present and even assess your participants that visit your station. This enables you to not only soak up knowledge in new ways but also shares your knowledge and creations with others. The best part of the Learning Pathway method is that is saves your builds as a viewable archive of learning that you can progress through and visualize as you go.

WiloStar System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10.
Memory (RAM): 16GB or more.
Storage: 4GB available space (2GB installed size,
2GB cache).
CPU: Quad core or better Intel i5, or AMD
GPU: Discrete non-integrated GPU (such as
Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD RX 580 or higher).
DirectX: Version 10.
Network: Broadband internet connection.
Additional: Microphone required for voice chat.

Recommended Specs:

Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10.
Memory (RAM): 32GB or more.
Storage: 4GB available space (2GB installed size,
2GB cache).
CPU: Quad core or better Intel i7, or AMD
GPU: Discrete non-integrated GPU (such as
Nvidia RTX 3060 or AMD RX 6600 or higher).
DirectX: Version 10.
Network: Broadband internet connection.
Additional: Microphone required for voice chat.