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Immersive 3D Online Homeschooling Program

Unique and immersive online homeschooling program for creative learners!

WiloStar3D Academy

Full time virtual private school grades 6-12

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Revolutionize Homeschooling with 3D Immersion.

Engage your child’s creativity and love for gaming while they attend class in our full-time online private school program for grades 6-12. With WiloStar3D Academy, they can dive deep into their subjects – literally! Our fully accredited online homeschooling program and virtual private school brings learning to life in an immersive 3D environment.

Online Homeschooling Program Student

Certified Teachers

WiloStar3D Academy teachers are fully certified with most instructors holding advanced degrees.


Talented & Friendly Staff

Learning to build in our 3D immersive campus is made easy with our friendly and knowledgable building staff. 


Integrated Curriculum

Nationally recognized private school online homeschooling program with highly engaging integrated curricula across all subjects.


Live Class Meetings

All grade levels have live class meetings in our 3D immersive campus for our integrated modules and courses.


Discounts Offered

We offer family discounts with multiple students enrolled as well as military discounts. We also offer payment plans and pay in full discounts.


Coding & Gaming Electives

WiloStar3D offers many live Wiloworlds building seminars to help students learn how to build and code in our worlds.

Affordable all-inclusive online homeschooling program

Your Online Homeschooling Journey Starts Here

Contact us now to find out how WiloStar3D can help re-engage or excite your online homeschooler. WiloStar3D Academy is now accepting enrollments for grades 6-12 in our private school program.

Or call — 877-723-7765

Transform Learning into an Immersive Adventure.

Dive into a new dimension of education where learning isn’t just about textbooks. With our immersive 3D Online Homeschooling Program at the WiloStar3D Academy, your child can become historical characters, deep-sea divers, or lab scientists. 

Minecraft virtual school

Immersive History

Immersive history across the grade levels is a big hit with our program. Students love to create historical villages, town and portray characters through time to get better understandings of key historical events.

Immersive Learning Virtual World

Immersive Science

All WiloStar3D Academy courses and modules have science related builds to immerse students in the topics they are learning. Examples include paleontology  world, to virtual wolf dens and mars space colonies.

Immersive English

Students learn how to write immersive stories, adventures and learn about genre writing across the grade levels. Immersive and integrated subjects promotes higher order thinking and creativity.

Middle School Overview

Middle school students participate as full-time enrollment students completing all the main subjects with us.

High School Overview

We offer a full-time all inclusive high school program with many options to enhance student interests via elective selections each semester.

ADHD Online Homeschooling Program

System Requirements

Students need a decent graphics card to run our 3D immersive platform. Make sure you read over our system requirements.

Hello WiloStar! I was thinking about Dawson’s high school career the other day when someone asked me about it. I just had to share with you how well our son has done after graduating WiloStar3D Academy. He has an amazing job now in I.T that he loves. I also had to share this little insert from his company last week. As you know Dawson was always a tech kid and loved gaming. He turned professional at age 19 and this past weekend won the title of best in the WORLD with his game in New York city. We could not be more proud of him and WiloStar was a big part of his success so thank you again!”

Shawn T.

Unleash your child’s potential in a unique, engaging learning environment.

Accepting enrollments at the start of each semester. We fill up fast so call us now.