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Gifted Online Homeschooling Program

Are you looking for an interactive, creative approach to virtual schooling for your gifted student? WiloStar3D Academy’s immersive virtual online homeschooling program is great for gifted students who need more of a challenge and crave imaginative ways to express what they know.

Homeschooling is a wonderful solution for highly gifted children but parents need to thoroughly evaluate the best option for your child’s learning style. There are many different approaches to virtual schooling but WiloStar is on the top end of interaction and creativity. Call us today to discuss your enrollment options! 877-723-7765

Creative Program for Creative Thinkers

Gifted students must be given a variety or learning opportunities in a virtual school setting to demonstrate understanding. Our 3D immersive curricula allows gifted learners to take learning in new directions, accelerate their coding, design and creative skills unlike any other school out there.


neurodivergent online homeschool program

Catapult students to new worlds!

Are you ready for a gifted online homeschooling program that will take your child’s education to a whole new level? Look no further than the Wilostar3D Academy! This innovative program is designed to cater to gifted students who are looking for a more engaging and interactive learning experience. With its use of immersive virtual worlds, students are not only able to learn in a way that suits their individual needs, but they also have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and build their own worlds. It’s like stepping into a whole new dimension of education! 

Gifted online homeschool program adventure game

Virtual Worlds Foster Creativity

The use of immersive virtual worlds in this program is truly groundbreaking. Imagine your child being able to step into a virtual world where they can build their own cities, create characters, and bring their wildest imaginations to life. Not only does this foster creativity, but it also promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students will learn how to think outside the box, collaborate with others, and overcome challenges as they construct their own virtual worlds. It’s an educational experience like no other! 

Aspergers socialization in online homeschooling

WiloStar Live Events and Clubs

WiloStar holds monthly events and parties to help strenghten the school community and provide a safe socialization experience for our students.

Holiday Parties!

WiloStar has fun holiday parties from our Halloween party to our Winter Skate party to our Pet show extravaganza!

WiloStar student dance in WiloStarius.

Club Meeting Zone

Join one of our many afterschool clubs from Anime to coding to digital arts. We have something for everyone.

Fun Valentines Quest

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WiloStarius Crew Member Sampling

Avatar Crew Members

Ready to blast off to explore new worlds and complete missions for learning? WiloStar students choose a crew member as their unique student avatar to use exclusive to themselves.

Creativity Unleashed

The WiloStar3D Creativity theory means students are meaningfully engaged in creating new immersive learning activities through interaction with others and actively involved in the creative process. Avatars help accomplish this goal.

Interactive Learning

WiloStar students interact in a gamelike environment where they can 'sit' in class, run across misty mountains and fly through the horizons of learning.

Personal Expression

WiloStar3D allows students to explore different facets of their personalities using avatars in a safe educational environment.

Avatars Teach Social Skills

We show students how their own personality traits and behavior effects others' perceptions of identity. This gives students a chance to see that how you "act" within the 3D world can impact how others view you.

New Avatars Added Constantly

WiloStar3D is constantly evolving and changing to adapt to new technology and to improve its educational program for the benefit of students. We also expect this of our students.

Student Avatar Designs

For our more advanced 3D design students, we offer the chance to add their own creations to WiloStarius.

Role Playing

When you play a role different from your everyday viewpoint, new insight is developed by stepping into another's shoes.

Express your Voice

Students want to express their voice and spirit, and to be able feel safe in their learning environment.

Mod your World

Students complete WiloStar Interactives inside WiloStarius, a revolutionary immersive learning platform that allows students to mod and build their own worlds and regions.