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Doing what is Right for Students

School Founder’s Musings

Steller education does not always follow the standardized norm nor does holding a certain accreditation mean you are a top-notch school. Over the last sixteen years, we have watched  the arms of global organizations gradually corral public, private and  virtual online schools to follow and teach to the same standards. In previous years, WiloStar held CITA which morphed into SACAS which then morphed into AdvancED and then to Cognia, a huge global accrediting organization that also accredits public schools both in the USA and overseas. Our frustration and concern grew along with the increasing awareness that these standards were pigeonholing schools into teaching to their way of thinking and yes, even mandating certain topics, testing, and things we did not agree with.  Our eyes were open and we did not like what we were seeing. The tentacles had spread to virtual schools and sadly, many virtual schools today are now cookie cutter schools offering the same standardized content based on global standards of education mandated and chosen by whom? And why? We are living in a time of awakening in our world and thankfully parents are also waking up to what is happening in education.

Breaking Ranks

Our school was founded to break these ranks and prove that education is more than standardized testing and cookie cutter curriculum. WiloStar has always advocated for students whose needs are not met in traditional education and if that meant going down a new path, so be it.  After all, our students are not like everyone else. In April of 2022,  WiloStar voluntarily broke free of global accreditation and let our Cognia credential expire as it no longer met our students’ needs.  We left on excellent terms with stellar ratings (according to their standards) and yet here we are today. Still functioning at a high level of achievement, happy parents, students obtaining admissions to colleges of their choices and best of all, we can focus on doing what is right for our students. Walking our own path, and choosing what is right for our students is sometimes a hard path to follow, but WiloStar is dedicated to doing what is right. We started out with a private school accreditation and now here we are again. Back to our home.

Doing what is Right

Some traditional educators say how can you let what is perceived as the best accreditation go? How can you walk away from that? The answer is the same as when faculty were dumfounded when I left a secure public school teaching job two decades ago to start WiloStar. “It’s easy when you are doing the right thing.” I heard many a comment about that, but it did not stop what God put in my heart to do and that is to help enrich the lives of students who think differently and love technology.  And that drive has never stopped. You have to stand strong in your decisions and that is something we also try to teach WiloStar students. You don’t have to be like everyone else to be successful.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10

Forward Thinking

Homeschooling continues to grow across the nation as parents wake up to what is happening in public education and this includes the organizations behind public and virtual schools which dictate what is and what is not acceptable in our schools. We stand strong in our Christian faith and that is the direction we are now headed with plans to strengthen the Christian and patriotic roots of our school and to stand strong in the direction God sets out for us. We have been so blessed to be able to watch over 1000 students be touched by WiloStar and we are excited to see where our future takes us! Some parents have been watching our school grow and evolve for many years. If you are one of those parents reading this, it’s nice to have you back visiting us! If you live in truth, act with good intentions and do what is right, your students and faculty and parents will thrive. Call us at any time at 877-711-8117 to discuss WiloStar and how we may be a good fit for your student. On we go!
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