Please read the WiloStar3D Code of Conduct and then sign the form electronically below. We look forward to a great year with you! As a currently enrolled student of the WiloStar3D Academy you and your child are agreeing to abide by the rules below.

As a private institution, WiloStar3D reserves the privilege of setting and maintaining its own standards of student conduct, privacy and recording policies, tuition, fees for services, and scholarships. WiloStar3D works to sustain an environment where children of varied backgrounds learn together in an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and appreciation for each child.

We aim to maintain a strong sense of community, to diversify its population, and to foster support for its philosophy of education. While striving towards these goals, we also seek children whose needs can be met by our program; therefore, new students are admitted at the discretion of the Admissions Committee and school director.

As a multi-denominational school, we need to allow each student to feel that his/her family’s viewpoint and value system is legitimate, valued, and an appropriate expression of family identity and values. The school maintains the right to refuse admittance to anyone who violates the school’s standards as set forth in this Code of Conduct or as defined by the school administration. The administration also reserves the right to not define the criteria or reasons why applications are not accepted.

Each student and family are expected to make an unreserved commitment to fully comply with the WiloStar3D policies and standards. We’ve created these rules and guidelines to protect you and your child and to ensure that Wiloworlds and our school is safe and fun for everybody. This way, should someone use bad language, make a harassing statement or otherwise act in an inappropriate way we are able to do something about it. If you encounter another student who isn’t abiding by these rules, please report it to the teacher on duty immediately or email the school director.

By agreeing to these terms, you’re taking responsibility for your child’s actions. Please read these rules over with your child and then by filing out the parent name at the bottom of this form, you are submitting your electronic signature agreeing you and your child will abide by its terms. Upon receipt of this electronically signed Code of Conduct, WiloStar3D will forward complete new student information and download instructions on how to access the program.

WiloStar3D  Academy believes above all else in providing a safe and hospitable learning environment for students. Since we provide a specialized electronic community which also involves socialization during the school day, we expect all contacts between WiloStar3D Interactive Academy students, no matter where they occur in the electronic environment to be upheld. Any reports of the students not abiding by these rules will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

In this violent day and age of increasingly lower standards and inhospitable times, WiloStar3D Interactive Academy firmly believes in providing the safest haven available for students and will strictly enforce this policy.   WiloStar3D  Academy will not tolerate the use of any obscene, profane or suggestive language in any electronic transmissions, IM, E-mail, or conference programs against other students or teachers. This includes all electronic communications between students inside or OUTSIDE of school, including Facebook, Skype and text messaging.

WiloStar3D  Academy will not tolerate the use or transmission of any graphic visual materials which can be considered pornographic or obscene. Obscene also includes graphics depicting murderous actions or intentional violent acts against others.

WiloStar3D  Academy will not tolerate any hate communications involving harassment for individual ideals, religious beliefs or ideas. Harassing another student via repeated emails, text messages, IMs or any electronic means grounds for expulsion. As a multi-denominational and multi-nationality school with a global perspective, we need to allow each student to feel that his/her family’s viewpoint and value system is legitimate, valued, and an appropriate expression of family identity and values. However, our school is not the place to proselytize family beliefs. Students are here for academics.

Using bad language in Wiloworlds is against the rules. This includes any swearing, sex talk and other things too! Any abusive language is considered bad language. That includes cyber-fighting, racist or hate language, talk about weapons or attacking others with magic spells or anything that is mean to another world user. Even if you are just playing, other Wiloworlds users might not see it that way.

Acting inappropriately is against the rules. We want everyone to have fun in Wiloworlds but you can’t do anything that might be inappropriate to do at home or at school — even if you are just pretending!

Impersonating other kids or teachers in Wiloworlds is against the rules. Don’t pretend to be another user because it makes making and keeping friends in Wiloworlds difficult. This includes being in Wiloworlds with a fake screen name.

WiloStar3D students are not allowed to change the Wiloworlds screen name at any time. We have tracking software which can determine the ‘real” user and you will be ejected for this kind of behavior.

Flooding the screen is against the rules. Flooding is when you type long lines of nonsense, or repeat the same thing over and over. It makes it hard for other kids to have fun with a lot of lag, so don’t flood the server.

Being disrespectful of other kids or teachers. Wiloworlds is supposed to be fun for everybody, so don’t give other kids a hard time. The teachers are there for everyone so respect them too.

Everyone in Wiloworlds is responsible for knowing and following these rules. If you break one of the rules, the teachers can eject you. Normally you are ejected for one day so if this happens to you, you can come back on the next day. If you continue to cause trouble, WiloStar3D will contact your parents and your Internet Service Provider.

I understand that if I do not abide by this policy I may be dismissed from the WiloStar3D Academy (if enrolled) and banned from Wiloworlds (if a subscriber.)

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