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WiloStar3D Academy Code of Conduct

All students and parents must read and sign the WiloStar Code of Conduct and follow its rules as an enrolled student.

Code of Conduct Details

As part of your WiloStar3D Academy Enrollment Agreement, you and your parents will sign our WiloStar Code of Conduct. Please read it over and refer often to our expectaions for all students, both online in our virtual platforms but also elsewhere on the Internet.

Interactive Learning

WiloStar’s online virtual school program is designed to give students a healthy online learning environment where they can interact with their peers and teachers during the school day. Students have live class meetings and online study hall requirements.

Learning Accommodations

WiloStar believes in treating each student as an individual and respecting their unique needs. We are one of the very few virtual schools that make learning accommodations for students! Incoming students are given appropriate placement screening and an ILP is created.

Problem Solvers

WiloStar staff and faculty believes there is no problem that can’t be solved. The key here is communication. If a parent sees something is not working for the student there at home, they let us know and we moblize to find ways to adapt the learning and find solutions that will help the student.

Stellar Support

The WiloStar Student Support team is at the ready to help with extra tutoring, counseling and tech support. For struggling students, we offer several strategies to help get back on track. For techincal issues, we have a skilled and dedicated team ready to help solve your issues.