WiloStar3D Academy Parent Testimonial- Griffin Family


In 2012, our son, Connor was twelve years old and beginning his sixth grade year in mainstreamed elementary school. Every day, we dropped him at the curb to go to class, was a kick in the gut. We would wait to hear who said or did what when he would trudge to the car in the afternoon. Connor is aspergers, and although on the mild spectrum, he suffered daily from that ‘handful’ of kids that just couldn’t seem to keep their manners in check. Many details and stories that I wouldn’t waste time or energy telling anyone about, but the time had come. We had to find a better fit for him.

Our search began in our hometown. Looking for specialized schools that would fit his needs, and yet not make him feel like an outcast. We were willing to drive however long and/or far necessary and pay what we could to try to make his education a fruitful one, hopefully with some fun and friends thrown in. Needless to say … nothing ‘fit’!

At the end of our rope, a friend recommended a school that was brand new to my ears, and eyes! WiloStar3D! An ‘on-line’ school. “Hmmm, well let’s take a look. Thank God”, literally!! Our son’s education took a turn we never dreamed of. This was something completely out of our wheelhouse. We never dreamed that we would be able to receive this kind of connection (no pun intended) . A connection with teachers, classmates, and a new kind of education that was a fit from day one. Hands on, and a new learning adventure everyday!

That was seven years ago. Our son is now nineteen, and graduating with his class of 2019, with pride and dignity. The help he received from everyone at Wilostar3D, from classes that were tailored for his needs, to a staff that goes so far above and beyond to make sure that, as long as the effort is there, failure is not a word in their vocabulary! Strange, that even though he hasn’t ‘yet’ met anyone face to face, he has friends and a support system that we believe will go far beyond his graduation. He’s ready to take that next step – becoming a fully functional part of society. We’re all ready for that next chapter, but “WOW”, what a ride! Thank you Wilo, thank you ……….( long list of AmAzInG individuals) for helping to make Connor’s school years a time to treasure!

With Grateful Hearts! The Griffin

WiloStar3D Parent Review-Real Email comments!

As you think about joining our school, we know there is a lot to consider. With permission, here is an exert from a recent email the director got when discussing reasons to enroll and why the love our program.


Our story is not unique.  Homeschooling wasn’t something we intended to do.  By 4th grade Ben was a sick, unhappy, sensory kid but had all the potential in the world.  We watched his love for learning get grounded into the pavement. We tried public & private but school per se was never anything more than just a big fat fight. And I’m not much of a fighter so it was pretty painful. We were scared to death but we pulled him out.  I really struggled as a “teacher” but never gave up on making it work.  And my son has met every challenge head on and is in a remarkable place now.  But…I was always very anxious about the quality and legitimacy of Ben’s academic life.  So many amazing accomplishments but what do we really have to show for it?
Josh and I are educated and very traditional in the belief that transcripts and diplomas should be left in the hands of professionals not mere mortals LOL.  No matter how great my efforts to teach Ben, or his willingness to learn, I felt like at some point his record would face harsh scrutiny and that’s not fair to dump on a kid who is working their tail off to get somewhere.  We thought that it was the legitimacy of accreditation that, at the end of this particular journey, would if nothing else give us peace of mind.
Now, all THAT snootiness having been said, I have to turn to  —> the magic you make there and how it has literally taken Ben from “interests” to Internships.  I’m not kidding. There is a practical nature to what you offer for a specific kid that goes far beyond a transcript.  It’s a place for all these wonderful, brilliant, nerdy kids to delve deep into their talents and digital media interests while crafting solid academic and life skills.  Major value there, wouldn’t you say?  Um…DUH!
So it’s hard.  We were wooed by the creative but caved at the accreditation, but now see that it is the entire package that makes us so incredibly happy to be a part of your world and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I know standards change and that those changes would have many implications throughout your organization.  No illusions there.  But I’m saying that the Watsons are very firm in our belief that what you do and how you do it along with being *legit* are things we would be willing to make sacrifices for so it can continue.  We would take on more administration, give up some flexibility and even pay more (OH GOD NO WHAT AM I $SAYING?!?!?  😉   But please know that you have some serious, solid and kinda scary backers in the Watson household.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.  Except cooking.  I don’t want to cook.  Anything.  Ever.  Again.

Parent Leadership Group

Parent Leadership Group

The WiloStar3D Academy Parent Leadership group is open to all parents of WiloStar students. The Parents’ Leadership group provides a volunteer structure for all parents interested in participating.  As a support group for our school, the Parents’ Group fosters communication between the school and the parents and serves as a means for parents to actively participate in their children’s education. There are no applications or dues.  All parents are welcome.



  • Your child benefits.  Statistics show that your child performs better when parents are connected to the school. This is even more important in an online school setting!
  • Meet and connect with other WiloStar parents. We all care about creating the best possible educational experience for our children.
  • We make a difference.  Help create an online school community where teachers and administrators can do their best with your support.
  • We have fun.  We get a lot accomplished and don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • There’s a lot to be done, ranging from online seminars to working with students to organizing local field trips.  Your help is needed to fill the gaps.  We can match jobs to your interest and abilities.
  • We pledge to honor your time constraints.
  • We’re welcoming!

Here are some of the volunteer opportunities:

  • Trading Post
  • Book club Sponsor
  • Experiential Learning Trip Sponsor
  • New family hospitality sponsor
  • Wiloworlds Tour Guide
  • Social Media Ambassador
  • Grandparents’ Day


Simply visit the Parent Leadership portal off your child’s log in page and click on any of the discussions or opportunities posted!

College Counseling

College Counseling

College Application and Preparation Process

When to Take Standardized Tests

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors take the PSAT in October. SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject Tests and ACT’s are taken when appropriate for the student in the junior and/or senior year.

Yearly Student Checklist/Timetable

» 10th Grade
  • Try a new club or hobby that interests you
  • Explore interests during the summer
  • Read to expand horizons
» 11th Grade


  • Attend college admission presentations at schools of your choice
  • Make a list of types of colleges and criteria that will best meet your needs
  • Research schools that meet your criteria
  • Take the PSAT (this test serves as the basis for the National Merit Scholarship recognition)
  • Register to take the SAT and ACT in the spring


  • Meet with your college counselor to compile a list of schools that interest you
  • Schedule visits to potential colleges and universities
  • Register for the SAT II (if your colleges require them)
  • Take the ACT and SAT
  • Read through materials sent to you by colleges to further evaluate your list of schools
  • Conduct college research using your Naviance account
  • Review the College Guide


  • Review college websites and take virtual tours
  • Explore outside interests
  • Visit college campuses
  • Begin to work on college essays
  • Update resume/activities list in Naviance
  • Complete your senior biography in Naviance
 » 12th Grade



  • Finalize your list of colleges with your counselor
  • Visit the colleges to which you are applying
  • Attend evening programs hosted by the colleges on your list
  • Submit applications for early decision (ED) in October and November
  • Submit applications for early action (EA) in October and November
  • Submit applications and meet school deadlines for rolling admission October – December
  • Make requests to teachers and other recommendation writers
  • Request official transcript from your college counselor via Naviance
  • Register for the SAT I, SAT II or ACT if applicable (send scores to your colleges)


  • Finish and submit applications
  • Complete FAFSA and Profile if applying for financial aid


  • Respond to offers of admission and/or scholarships
  • Ask for guidance from counselors if wait listed
  • Attend spring admitted student programs on the college campuses or arrange an individual campus visit
  • Take AP Exams in May
  • Notify your college counselor about which school you will attend
  • Thank your parents and teachers
  • Enjoy the rest of your senior year stress-free!

College Counseling

College Counseling

Our College Counseling office provides an individualized and student-centered program to help students find the right college fit. With planning and preparation, the college process will be a positive experience.  When selecting courses, students are advised to pursue studies that emphasize their particular talents and strengths. Supplementing a strong academic record with clubs and affiliations that reflect a student’s unique set of skills and talents will set the tone for success.

Personal Guidance

Our college counselor works one-on-one with students during their junior year to select colleges and universities that are best suited for their individual needs. With a clear understanding of what is important to colleges, our counselor guides students and teaches them how to put their best foot forward with their applications. For a breakdown on suggested steps to take during each year of high school, visit the College Counseling Process page. Each year, WiloStar3D Academy seniors are offered admission to some of the finest schools in the country and many receive substantial scholarship awards. View our College Acceptances for a list of schools where our students have been admitted.

College Counseling Resources

For additional information about College Counseling at WiloStar3D, please refer to our College Guide.If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities

A variety of clubs and activities at WiloStar3D allow students to explore shared interests with their peers. Clubs range from service-oriented groups to leadership opportunities as building mentors as well special interest clubs. Many are initiated by students and appeal to the current interests of our student body.



  • Anime Club
  • Book Club
  • Character GPS
  • 3D Modeling Club
  • 3D Building Club
  • Chess
  • Coder’s Club
  • Cinema Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Culinary Club
  • Environment Club
  • Equestrian Club
  • Film Club
  • Fishing Club
  • Peer Counseling
  • Photography Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Council
  • Teen Court
  • Video Game Club
  • Sci-fi Writing Center

Experiential Education

Experiential Education

WiloStar3D believes that experiential education is an important piece to the online learning puzzle. It fosters a deeper understanding of the self, the world and other people. In partnership with parents and local communities, WiloStar now requires that all students participate in a minimum of two experiential learning experiences per semester.

Trips both locally and farther way fosters a sense of connections not seen when only participating in online learning experiences. Students studying Colonial America may wish to visit Jamestown or Colonial Williamsburg and document it using their smartphones. Students take part in interactive presentations and meet historical figures or  tour the Kennedy Space Center! High school students can complete local marine science labs in partnership with many excellent aquariums.  These are only a few of the wonderful learning adventures our students experience as part of our experiential learning requirement!


Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Credits from other accredited high school programs as well as public high schools will be accepted on an individual basis. All graduating seniors must complete a rigorous individual senior project pulling together all integrated curriculum skills learned during their academic time here at WiloStar3D. Students graduating from WiloStar3D Academy must complete a minimum of 6 credits (or 25% of course work) to be eligible.

Credits Needed to Graduate: 24

English 4
Math 4
History 4
Science 4
PE 3
Electives 5

Special Needs Admissions Requirements

Special Needs Admissions Requirements

Students being admitted to our program who are going to require accommodations must not be more than 1.5 grade levels below their current grade. We give a reading assessment to screen for reading ability. Math, on the other hand they can be two grade levels below. Due to the high level of reading our program requires we have determined the threshold of 1.5 is the best in order to help them succeed.
Students can not be more than two years older than the current grade level placed into. Again, this is due to socialization issues. We have live class meetings and many live virtual world projects and interacting with peers close in age is beneficial to the students as a whole. As an example, an incoming freshman who is typically 14, can’t be older than 16.
Students must pass a computer proficiency test and be able to demonstrate at least average computer schools on Windows based computers. We require a full PC, not a tablet or ipad. This means students must be familiar with and comfortable with Windows PCs.
All incoming special needs students must have grades/transcripts and preferably a professional evaluation that is done within the last year in order to be admitted to our school.

Middle School Math

WiloStar3D online homeschool program has adopted Teaching Textbooks as our main math curriculum. After exhaustive field testing during previous school years and piloting different programs— the results are in. Teaching Textbooks is our choice! Teaching Textbooks is an easy-to-use video based learning system designed to help a wide range of students gain proficiency in math. Teaching Textbooks offers students hundreds of video-based lessons spanning five skill levels ranging from grades 1.5 to college entry. Teaching Textbook lessons challenge beginning students all the way to advanced learners!

Please note that the Teaching Textbooks fee is NOT INCLUDED in your annual tuition and this is an extra fee.
Students at the middle school level are typically placed into one of the three courses below however a placement test is given to see which level the student is ready to learn.

Middle School Math 6

Middle School Math 7

Pre Algebra

Middle school students work on math the entire school year. High school students take math on a semester basis.
Please visit the Teaching Textbook website at http://www.teachingtextbooks.com and the click on your current grade level to take the placement test. If you are working in a different level then you should take the appropriate placement test to see how you do. For instance, if you are a 6th grader but feel you can handle 7th grade math then take the 7th grade placement test. Based on your results, the test will make a recommendation as to the CD set to purchase. Please remember it does not matter if it places you outside your current grade level. The goal to help you master core skills in order to help you move forward in math.

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