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Current WiloStar3D Academy Tuition Prices


Payment Information

WiloStar3D accepts all major credit and debit cards for tuition and fees. Upon acceptance into our program you will need submit payment via our secure online billing center. We charge your card on file each month for the installment plan and an email receipt is sent to you each month. If you are paying in full for the discount you need to mail a check or money order directly to our office. A pay in full invoice will be emailed which you will then print out and mail with your payment. Please note that the new student orientation information will not be released until both the registration fee and first tuition installment has been processed.

Note- The discounted pay in full is only offered on the annual tuition. We do not offer a discount on mid year enrollments.

Refund Policy

For families who pay in full the following refund policy is in effect:

  • 100% refund until midnight of the 3rd business day after submitting pay in full payment
  • 75% refund until midnight of the 6th business day
  • 50% refund until midnight on the 7th business day
  • No refunds after that time.

Extra Fees

1. Teaching Textbooks  online math subscription. 

The pricing is dependent on the level you order so we don’t include this in your base tuition. You need to order this directly from Teaching Textbooks.

2. Novels for Integrated Studies. This is roughly $39 per year.

3. High School foreign language electives have a course fee. See the elective page description to determine if there is a fee.

Full Payment Discounts

If the total annual tuition is prepaid there will be a 10% discount. Note- discount not offered on semester tuition prepayment. WiloStar offers an early bird 15% off to returning families if tuition for the coming school year is prepaid by January 10th.

If families have more than 2 children enrolled they will be awarded a 10% discount off ONE student’s tuition if using the installment plan.

Note: you may use the 10% pay in full discount OR the 10% sibling discount but not both.

Tuition Installment Plans

WiloStar3D offers families an automatic debit monthly installment plan. A financial contract must be completed which determines the payment method (this is expected within one week of acceptance of registration by the admissions committee).To finalize acceptance of a student, the financial contract must be completed no later than one week after the preliminary acceptance letter is received and records must be transferred from any previous school.

Financial Policy

1. Registration fees are $ 125.00 per child. Re-registration fees are $25.00 per child (after July 1, $50.00, after August 1, $70.00). All registration fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable.

2. Tuition payments are made using an automatic debit with a credit card or debit card. When you submit your first payment via the WiloStar3D estore, the date for each subsequent payment under your contract will be debited every thirty days for a total of TEN payments. For instance, if your first payment was made on August 2nd, the second payment will be made 30 days from that date. If your automatic debit payment gets declined via our credit card processing system, we will attempt to put it through the next business day. If your payment fails a second time it’s our policy to temporarily disable the student account until the financial obligation is taken care of. We also reserve the right to request the remainder of the semester be paid in full if your automatic payments continually return a declined status. *** Please ensure that you have enough available funds each month on or near the due date of your payment to avoid disrupting you child’s academic progress.

3. Tuition payments are due on the date established by the financial contract. If any payment is declined the account will be charged a late fee of $30.00 or 1.5 % of the balance (whichever is greater). If any account is declined more than twice, student access to all WiloStar3D areas and virtual worlds will be suspended until the account becomes current.

4. Tuition installments paid into the contract are nonrefundable at time of withdrawal. In addition, you are responsible for one full semester (or five payments) regardless of the date of withdrawal. ***Signing up for the installment plan and checking the box agreeing to the terms is the equivalent of your eSignature agreeing to these tuition terms and serves as your enrollment contract.

5. If tuition fees or charges are due at the close of the school year, report cards will not be issued, nor records released, nor will re-enrollment be possible until the payments are made in full. Quarterly Progress reports will also be delayed if account balances are not up-to-date.


  Force Majeure

In the event that WiloStar3D Academy is not or has not opened for classes and the academic school year does not take place, in whole or part, due to any act of God or force majeure, including but not limited to weather, fire, flood, emergency geopolitical issues or similar cause beyond the control of the parties, then the tuition-paying party shall not be entitled to a refund of tuition, fees, or other payments from WiloStar3D. This includes refunds for tuition pay in full discounts. In such an event of force majeure, WiloStar3D shall have no liability to make payments pursuant to the tuition refund policy as stated in the WiloStar3D Tuition Guidelines and Refund Polices.

WiloStar3D Tuition Info and Policies

Reasons to Enroll in the WiloStar3D Academy

We think different. We are unique, constantly evolving, and innovative. We stand true to our  “creating creators” philosophy to help all students achieve their potential in their own unique way.

Holistic Learning

WiloStar has a holistic approach to learning. We believe students need to have real world learning and experiences in addition to their virtual learning activities. From outdoor field experiences and science experiments to community service, our students receive a balanced education with us.

Immersive Demos

WiloStar students and teachers interact and create in our ground-breaking immersive learning platform called Wiloworlds. Our universe for learning is designed for creative thinkers and inventors.

Nationally Recognized

WiloStar3D is fully accredited by both the National Private Schools Accreditation Group. Our grads have all been accepted to colleges of their choices for over twenty years!

Create Virtual Worlds

WiloStar students create immersive worlds, Knowledge Towers and Knowledge Galleries based on topics they are learning in their courses. This makes learning more meaningful and addresses higher order thinking.

App and Design Courses

We also offer many digital design courses to help our students graduate with a diverse portfolio of skills based on their interests.

Coding & Gaming

WiloStar offers coding and gaming classes such as Unity game engine development, and eSports competitive team online gaming for college scholarships.

Online Homeschooling

An Integrated Approach

WiloStar utilizes an integrated approach to learning. This means that our language arts program across all grade levels uses novels to anchor the themes and topics across all subjects. To read more about our integrated approach visit the middle and high school overview sections of our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your program flexible? We travel a lot. What about vacations?

We truly believe that keeping kids actively involved in outside activities, homeschool groups, music lessons and so on is critical to the success of our program. Family vacations are encouraged and usually students prepare some kind of final project upon their return sharing some of the highlights of their trip. Alternative assignments may be requested to take along with the student if the parents so choose. The beauty of delivering instruction via the Internet is the wonderful flexibility if offers students. They have access to the assignment sheet on the web site any time… day or night. They also may upload their daily assignments as soon as they are complete or later in the evening if they need more time.

What are your system requirements?

WiloStar3D’s virtual worlds is a Windows based platform only. Students need a full windows laptop with a good graphics card. It’s not designed for tablets or phones. The system requirements are:

  • GB RAM System Memory
  • Window 7- 10
  • Google Chrome
  •  Windows Media Player 9 or later
  •  DirectX 9.0c or later
  •  Hardware accelerated 3D graphic card with at least 128MB dedicated video memory (i.e. GeForce 8000 series or later, or equivalent) and its latest drivers
How do students at WiloStar3D Interactive Academy participate in classes?

At WiloStar3D Academy, students have a good mixture of online time as well as directed hands-on learning at home. For instance, students spend an average of thirty minutes a day in our virtual classroom, two to three hours online researching the current class topic, and about thirty minutes talking with their peers. This averages out to about four hours a day online.

Do you offer virtual worlds for classroom teachers or homeschoolers?

Yes! WiloStar3D offers our nationally recognized immersive learning curriculum to classroom teachers and homeschool students. Teachers and parents can join one of our K12 virtual world programs and have access through our monthly subscription program. Classroom teachers can quickly spin up their own virtual world for learning and have access to dozens of engaging and interactive building lessons for our worlds. Click here to view your subscription options!

Do you require placement testing?

WiloStar3D has a careful screening process to insure proper placement of your child. We match grade levels and ability levels first, then we look for how much experience a student may or may not have with technology. Our thorough screening process helps ensure a more successful experience with WiloStar3D. For our incoming students with special needs, a reading assessment is typically required. All WiloStar3D students also take a math placement test.

What about tuition? Is your school expensive?

WiloStar3D charges $3500.00 per year for grades 6- 8 and $4450.00 for grades 9-12. Tuition fees cover the expense of curriculum development, staff salaries and research and development. We feel this is a fair and reasonable tuition price for such a valuable cutting-edge educational experience. Installment plans are available. Families with two or more siblings enrolled will receive a 10% discount for more than one child. Tuition price does not include trade books for English or your Teaching Textbooks math program.

When is school in session?

WiloStar3D Academy follows a fairly traditional school calendar. We offer two semester (fall and spring). Please view the school calendar to view the school holidays.

How can my child who has ADD and reading comprehension issues succeed with you?

We have many students with reading comprehension issues as well as ADD. Our program is well-suited for these kinds of learners because we make individual accommodations and adaptations based on the needs of the individual student. Other homeschool programs do not make these kinds of accommodations. New students needing accommodations will be given our reading and math placement tests. WiloStar teachers also evaluate a baseline of ability levels throughout the first few weeks of school. Then, based on these results, we make individualized accommodations. Additionally, we evaluate previous school IEP records, grades, and other teacher evaluations if available.

Another reason special needs students find success with our online homeschool program is because we utilize virtual world projects to demonstrate learning in new ways. Not all students respond to reading lessons and textbooks and then answering the questions. We require that our students reach and stretch in new ways and demonstrate learning through their virtual world projects. It’s a great strategy for many students!

Interactive Electives

WiloStar offers both self-directed and live interactive electives for our students. From coding, to 3D game and character creation to the Science of Sherlock Holmes, we have something for everyone. WiloStar also allows our students to take outside electives if they have specific interests that we do not offer. Approval is handled on a case by case basis. Students in grades 6-11 also have a PE requirement that is fulfilled locally. View our elective overviews for more details!

Integrated Block Scheduling

WiloStar3D Academy is set up with an integrated block scheduling emphasis. In the middle school, students complete focused five week modules that include a unifying novel genre to compliment either the science or social studies theme. In our high school, students complete a full year course over one semester and that cuts down on disjointed learning and allows them to concentrate on two core courses and two smaller electives per semester.

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