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WiloStar Learning Accommodations

Please read about how WiloStar makes learning accomodations on a case by case basis and how our program may be a good fit for your student.

Immersive Curriculum for Creative Learners

Students create, learn and interact with WiloStar’s immersive learning virtual worlds. 

Learning Accomodations

WiloStar3D Academy implements accommodations for students based on individual needs. Many online homeschooling and virtual schools do not offer accommodations. WiloStar does! Special needs homeschooling does not have to mean using materials that are not engaging. Your child can learn in a fun, interesting and interactive setting with WiloStar.

How do we determine what accommodations are needed? We like to begin with obtaining a base-line of abilities for each individual child as they start off with our program. Based on the information you provided upon enrollment we then identify some strategies to implement to improve your child’s success. Each student will have a different threshold for success with technology so it’s important to come into this experience with a mindset of determination and patience. Our many years of experience working with students with varied backgrounds has shown us that all students can succeed provided we work as a team! It’s important to also understand that the student ILP will evolve and grow, just as your child will evolve and grow during their time with us.



Students being admitted to our program who are going to require accommodations must not be more than 1 grade levels below their current grade. We give a reading assessment to screen for reading ability.  Due to the high level of reading our program requires we have determined the threshold of 1 grade level below is the best in order to help them succeed.
Students can not be more than two years older than the current grade level placed into. Again, this is due to socialization issues. We have live class meetings and many live virtual world projects and interacting with peers close in age is beneficial to the students as a whole. As an example, an incoming freshman who is typically 14, can’t be older than 16.
Students must pass a computer proficiency test and be able to demonstrate at least average computer schools on Windows based computers. We require a full PC, not a tablet or ipad. This means students must be familiar with and comfortable with Windows PCs.
All incoming special needs students must have grades/transcripts and preferably a professional evaluation that is done within the last year in order to be admitted to our school.

Sample ILP Strategies Used
1. Your child will be encouraged to complete every other question on the daily written work. For lessons that are marked with a * on the questions, those are the ones they need to attempt to answer. As the school year progresses and skills improve, we may phase out this strategy over time.
2. For longer written assignments (long answer, essay, and longer projects) the grading will be modified to allow for shorter responses. We will work towards helping your child distill the main concepts and main ideas to demonstrate mastery of the content.
3. The use of Dragonspeak or other audio software to both dictate responses and read pages may also be used to help with longer assignments.
4. Audio books via the WiloStar3D Academy Learning Ally site may also be used alongside the print edition of novels to help reading comprehension and reading fluency.
5. Readspeak TextAid is also highly recommended as students can install the plug in for Google Chrome and have relevant Web pages read aloud in a natural sounding voice. It’s further recommended that parents obtain a subscription to so their student has access to the audio version of novels used for Integrated Studies.

Interactive Learning

WiloStar’s online virtual school program is designed to give students a healthy online learning environment where they can interact with their peers and teachers during the school day. Students have live class meetings and online study hall requirements.

Learning Accommodations

WiloStar believes in treating each student as an individual and respecting their unique needs. We are one of the very few virtual schools that make learning accommodations for students! Incoming students are given appropriate placement screening and an ILP is created.

Problem Solvers

WiloStar staff and faculty believes there is no problem that can’t be solved. The key here is communication. If a parent sees something is not working for the student there at home, they let us know and we moblize to find ways to adapt the learning and find solutions that will help the student.

Stellar Support

The WiloStar Student Support team is at the ready to help with extra tutoring, counseling and tech support. For struggling students, we offer several strategies to help get back on track. For techincal issues, we have a skilled and dedicated team ready to help solve your issues.


Support Request

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Please fill out the tech support form to submit a ticket and we will respond promptly. Enrolled students can also refer to the student support desk on the learning dashboard.

Learning Stations

Students enrolled in the WiloStar3D Academy learn how to build, design, and code their virtual levels and regions. One strategy WiloStar uses to help students engage in learning is our Learning Pathways.  Learning Pathway builds are embedded in all WiloStar courses and modules. 

This is a screenshot of a gallery walk.

Learning Progression

Learning Pathway builds are Embedded in all WiloStar courses and modules. Each student Learning Pathway region has 12 building stations. Teachers assign building projects for each station along the pathway. Students share, present and do peer evaluations for visitors to their stations.