Accreditation and Affiliations

Our Accreditation Journey

WiloStar3D Academy, a world leader in online homeschooling and 3D virtual worlds for K-12 education is fully accreditated by the National Private Schools Accreditation Group.

 WiloStar grads have successfully obtained college admissions to their top choices for well over twenty years. Our credits and transcripts are uniformly accredited across the nation but we always note to new families that if you have any hesitancy about credit transferability, check with your local school first. We can confidently state that for 98% of our students, once they start as a WiloStar student, they do not transfer back to local schools so this is not an issue in our instance.

Accreditation demonstrates to students and parents that WiloStar3D is committed to the best education out there and gives parents and students assurance that our program has been scrutinized and evaluated to the highest educational standards. Additionally, with an accredited program such as WiloStar, students have transcripts upon graduation that colleges across the US accept. Why wait? Enroll now in the WiloStar3D Academy!

Alliance of Immersive Schools

WiloStar3D is once again leading the way in education. Prompted by a desire to help other schools utilize and implement a top notch immersive learning experience along with the fact that we don’t see any solid online learning standards for virtual schools, WiloStar has founded the Alliance of Immersive Schools. Our goal is to help other schools follow our gold standard of immersive learning standards and to allow schools (virtual and private face to face) to demonstrate their program operates with the highest integrity and immersive strategies for student success. Immersive learning takes place in both virtual and face to face settings. It’s time to break the boundaries once and for all and to help schools achieve seamless integration within healthy boundaries for students. Thus, the birth of a new day for WiloStar- leading the way for other schools!