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WiloStar3D LLC is an immersive education company with over a decade of excellence serving the K-12 distance learning market. We provide interactive 3D learning environments for K-12 students, and we design 3D educational curricula. WiloStar3D also owns and operates WiloStar3D Academy, a nationally recognized SACS accredited full-time online homeschool program. WiloStar3D is committed to improving the academic achievement and performance of K-12 students at a distance and has two divisions which serve the following:

  • Homeschool Division
  • 3D Immersive Educational Worlds for K-12 Students

Educators and parents who recognize that the clichéd anytime, anyplace learning does not fit all learning styles turn to WiloStar3D as a solution for harnessing the full power of 3D technology and immersive education for K-12 students. With over a decade of experience in the field of distance learning and immersive 3D education, WiloStar3D delivers innovative, state of the art curricula aligned to state and national standards. By integrating 3D virtual learning and 3D virtual world creation with engaging hands-on activities into online homeschooling, we inspire students and educators to explore and achieve.

Our groundbreaking 3D immersive education delivery system, centered around constructivist and active learning approaches, promotes online collaborative thinking and addresses higher order thinking skills. We provide schools and families with access to quality curriculum, instruction, and innovative learning tools and content. We back our K-12 immersive educational programs with an energetic, knowledgeable, and professional staff dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience for online homeschooling.

Our depth and breadth of content, loyal family support, combined with our technical expertise to offer all learners the opportunity to succeed! WiloStar3D welcomes enrollments from all learning styles. For more information about our K-12  immersive education online homeschool programs, please explore our website or call us today at 1-877-711-8117.

We could not place a price on what our son's success in education means to us. If you want a quality immersive education for homeschooling your child or children, you can't go wrong in choosing Wilostar 3D Academy for your education program at home!

-Happy Parent

Quick Facts on the WiloStar3D Academy

General Facts

General Facts on WiloStar3D Academy

  •  Nationally Recognized Multi-sensory 3D Curricula Designed Around the Constructivist Learning Model
  •  Certified Teachers
  • Fun, interactive online homeschooling
  • An online homeschool program that uses virtual worlds
  • Full-time All Inclusive Program for grades 6-12
  • Accredited High School Diploma Program
  • An International school serving global student body
  • Dedicated to educating the whole person, mind, body and soul
  • The student body is less than 260 students
  • All students participate in community service



  • Average class size is 14
  •  Teacher student ratio is 14:1
  • Average scores on Advanced Placement tests is 3 or higher
  • Average S.A.T. Scores is 1092, 70 points higher than the national average
  • Almost all WiloStar3D students take the S.A.T. Tests
  • 92% graduate to 4 year colleges
  • Serves students of all academic levels
  • Requirement of 24 credits to graduate

Faculty and Enrichment

Faculty and Enrichment

  • The average faculty member has 10 years experience
  • 2/3 of the faculty have advanced degrees
  •  2/3 of WiloStar3D students participate in community athletics
  • 25% of the student body participates in community chorus and performing arts
  • All students earn 1 credit in fine and performing arts

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