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Janet Hale- WiloStar3D Founder and Director

As the director of the school, I am often asked what is exceptional about The Wilostar3D Academy. There are some fundamentals common to all highly respected independent schools, online or otherwise. A strong academic program based on a talented faculty; the personalized attention afforded by a generous teacher-to-student ratio; emphasis on multicultural curricula; and an inclusive and diverse community. Clearly WiloStar3D is exemplary in all these measures. But I believe there are three aspects that make us stand out among excellent online schools.  Click to the next slide to find out why…


Founder's Welcome

Welcome prospective parents and students! We are excited that you found WiloStar and we understand there is a lot of information to digest and understand about WiloStar. Read on to see why WiloStar is one of the most intereactive, well respected and successful online virtual homeschool program out there!

Success Factor 1

First, our immersive 3D virtual approach teaches students to think creatively and work like the professionals they will become. In science, students observe and reason with evidence like true scientists. In technology, students face technical problems much like working 3D graphic artists. The daily online program for middle school through high school includes challenges that encourage thinking practices professionals use in everyday situations.

Success Factor 2

Secondly, we focus student attention on big questions that are central to a subject, such as “How can I be independent and still be part of the group?”, or “How can we learn the truth about the past?”  Teachers create opportunities for students to connect their daily learning to these important considerations, and in so doing, help them to make sense of both their daily work and of the world around them.

Success Factor 3

Finally, the WiloStar3D program is structured to help students find and nurture their passions in a 3D immersive environment where each child feels safe bringing his/her whole self to school. Teachers create an online community where children can comfortably express their culture and family dynamic, and 3D immersive classrooms where students can take risks, articulate opinions and learn from thoughtful dialog.

Of course, there are other areas where WiloStar3D stands out among its peers. We are well-known for highly integrated course and module studies with immersive learning activities embedded in the curriculum. WiloStar3D also has a strong collaborative community among students, teachers and families and this fosters an environment where children can express themselves in a safe and fun setting.

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Who we Serve

WiloStar3D LLC is an immersive education company with over a decade of excellence serving the K-12 distance learning market. We provide interactive 3D learning environments for K-12 students, and we design 3D educational curricula. WiloStar3D also owns and operates WiloStar3D Academy, a nationally recognized fully accredited full-time online homeschool program. WiloStar3D is committed to improving the academic achievement and performance of K-12 students at a distance and has two divisions which serve the following:

  • Homeschool Division
  • 3D Immersive Educational Worlds for K-12 Students
We Inspire Students and Educators to Explore and Achieve.

Educators and parents who recognize that the clichéd anytime, anyplace learning does not fit all learning styles turn to WiloStar3D as a solution for harnessing the full power of 3D technology and immersive education for K-12 students. With over twenty years of experience in the field of distance learning and immersive 3D education, WiloStar3D delivers innovative, state of the art curricula aligned to state and national standards. By integrating 3D virtual learning and immersive world creation with engaging hands-on activities into online homeschooling, we inspire students and educators to explore and achieve.

Groundbreaking 3D Immersive Education Delivery System

Our groundbreaking 3D immersive education delivery system, centered around constructivist and active learning approaches, promotes online collaborative thinking and addresses higher order thinking skills. We provide schools and families with access to quality curriculum, instruction, and innovative learning tools and content. We back our K-12 immersive educational programs with an energetic, knowledgeable, and professional staff dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience for online homeschooling.

Our depth and breadth of content, loyal family support, combined with our technical expertise to offer all learners the opportunity to succeed! WiloStar3D welcomes enrollments from all learning styles. For more information about our K-12  immersive education online homeschool programs, please explore our website or call us today at 1-877-711-8117.

Interactive Learning

WiloStar’s online virtual school program is designed to give students a healthy online learning environment where they can interact with their peers and teachers during the school day. Students have live class meetings and online study hall requirements.

Learning Accommodations

WiloStar believes in treating each student as an individual and respecting their unique needs. We are one of the very few virtual schools that make learning accommodations for students! Incoming students are given appropriate placement screening and an ILP is created.

Problem Solvers

WiloStar staff and faculty believes there is no problem that can’t be solved. The key here is communication. If a parent sees something is not working for the student there at home, they let us know and we mobilize to find ways to adapt the learning and find solutions that will help the student.

Stellar Support

The WiloStar Student Support team is at the ready to help with extra tutoring, counseling and tech support. For struggling students, we offer several strategies to help get back on track. For techincal issues, we have a skilled and dedicated team ready to help solve your issues.

Learning Stations

Students enrolled in the WiloStar3D Academy learn how to build, design, and code their virtual levels and regions. One strategy WiloStar uses to help students engage in learning is our Learning Pathways.  Learning Pathway builds are embedded in all WiloStar courses and modules. 

Learning Progression

Learning Pathway builds are Embedded in all WiloStar courses and modules. Each student Learning Pathway region has 12 building stations. Teachers assign building projects for each station along the pathway. Students share, present and do peer evaluations for visitors to their stations.