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Interactive Live Online Immersive Classes

Students attend live classes in Wiloworlds and create and build 3D worlds and regions as part of their studies.

Supportive and caring teachers and staff

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WiloStar3D Vision


WiloStar3D Academy is passionate about improving student achievement and engagement by using 3D immersive learning. We are dedicated to the proposition of producing technically literate students able to contribute in an ever-increasingly digital world. WiloStar3D Academy recognizes that each child is a unique individual.

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the whole child while encouraging all children to reach their fullest potential. We believe that individuals differ in their capacities and needs and that all children should be accepted, valued and nurtured.

At WiloStar3D, we help the child develop the ability to recognize problems, take charge of their learning, and to take an active role in the responsibility of their education. Teachers act as guides in the teaching-learning process, helping students at WiloStar3D reach their highest potential.

Parents are DIRECTLY involved in their child’s education and are critical to their child’s growth and success with us. How do we do this? Using today’s latest 3D immersive learning technology, we open the doors to the world to excite, expand and encourage children to reach their highest potential. Students at WiloStar3D use internet resources, collaborate on 3D virtual world projects, interact one-on-one with their fully certified instructors, and through the excitement of 3D immersive virtual worlds, students can “see” their instructors and peers using an avatar based representation.

Always Innovating

For over two decades, WiloStar3D has been innovating in online virtual schooling. Through our use of immersive and interactive learning, WiloStar continues to press on, invent new ways to express learning and help students create their worlds, their way.

Forward Thinking

Our motto of ‘creating creators’ drives all we do at WiloStar3d. This means we put into practice all we believe in. Life long learning means the school and all immersive programs must constantly evolve, new technologies must be implemented.

Problem Solvers

WiloStar believes all students need opportunities to express themselves in their own unique ways. We believe that with excellent communication between the teacher, the school most importantly, the parent, any obstacles can be overcome.

Student Support

WiloStar has an excellent student support team. From supportive tutoring, to live immersive building support to interactive teacher communications during the school day, our students and parents feel supported and secure in the knowlege their needs will be met.

Quick Facts


  • Nationally Recognized Multisensory 3D Curricula Designed Around the Constructivist Learning Model
  • Certified Teachers
  • Patriotic Foundational Courses Offered
  • Fun, interactive online homeschooling
  • An online homeschool program that uses virtual worlds
  • Full-time All Inclusive Program for grades 6-12
  • Accredited High School Diploma Program
  • Alternative Assessment Strategies
  • Dedicated to educating the whole person, mind, body and soul
  • The student body is less than 260 students
  • All students participate in community service


  • Average class size is 17
  •  Teacher student ratio is 17:1
  • Average scores on Advanced Placement tests is 3 or higher
  • Average S.A.T. Scores is 1800, 300 points higher than the national average
  • Almost all WiloStar3D students take the S.A.T. Tests
  • 92% graduate to 4 year colleges
  • Serves students of all academic levels
  • Requirement of 24 credits to graduate

Faculty and Enrichment

  • the average faculty member has 15 years experience
  • 2/3 of the faculty have advanced degrees
  • all faculty has undergone a background check
  •  2/3 of WiloStar3D students participate in community athletics
  • 25% of student body participates in community chorus and performing arts
  • all students earn 1 credit in fine and performing arts