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WiloStar3D Mission

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WiloStar3D applies rigorous standards of excellence to its program. This means that it will not undertake new 3D VR research projects unless:

  • it can attract outstanding, creative and dedicated people
  • it can contribute, not at the margins, but in setting new directions for distance learning
  • it can tackle problems where success will make a major contribution. Thus WiloStar3D undertakes high-risk educational projects, often with time horizons of years.


WiloStar3D desires to spread its ideas and methodologies to influence the way distance learning is implemented in the coming years. It will demonstrate and communicate its views, methods, and successes and will encourage many people from other institutions to experience the WiloStar3D atmosphere.

Best Practices

WiloStar3D applies educational best practices utilizing a pioneering immersive learning method based on the groundbreaking WiloStar3D Method.

Strategy Statement

The policies and principles defined here guide and inform all aspects of WiloStar3D online homeschool activities. While they are intended to remain stable, they will be reviewed regularly and modified as required.

3D Educational Growth Agenda –The current agenda of WiloStar3D is to continue its implementation of immersive learning and in particular to establish a new 3D Interactive Campus learning environment. This agenda, because of its breadth and because of the great variety of important educational and technical challenges those concepts comprise, may endure for years if not decades.

Educational Focus–WiloStar3D’s commitment to influence distance learning in other institutions, as well as to ensure the continued development of the WiloStar3D immersive education method requires us to focus the bulk of our resources on furthering immersive education and virtual world learning. This document was prepared by the WiloStar3D Advisory Board of Trustees with input from other members of the Board, and the academic and executive staff.


WiloStar3D is geared towards holding and keeping student attention with our interactive virtual world curriculum!


WiloStar3D is great for multiple learning styles and is especially good for visual learners.


If your student loves Minecraft and other world building tools and games, then WiloStar3D will be right up their alley.


If you are looking for a faculty who truly cares about your child, then look no more! WiloStar3D teachers are exceptionally dedicated to the success of all students!


With our combination of both live interactive classes for homeschooling as well as our flexible study hall times, students get the best of both worlds.


Our families can rest assured that their students are working towards a fully accredited and accepted high school diploma!