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 WiloStar3D Accreditation

WiloStar3D Academy, a world leader in online homeschooling and 3D virtual worlds in education is fully accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Group. We are also recognized as a Florida private school by the Florida Department of Education. WiloStar3D Academy grads have successfully obtained college admissions to their top choices since the school’s inception!  In the 2023-24 graduating class alone, WiloStar3D grads were all accepted into colleges of their choices including Liberty University, Utah State, Rocky Mountain University and New College of Florida Honors with a student obtaining a $20,000 scholarship! WiloStar students compile and create extensive portfolios both digital and traditionally based which helps colleges understand and view the student capabilities and achievements throughout high school. To view colleges our grads have been accepted to please visit our college counseling center.

It’s also important to note that if a WiloStar student chooses to re-enter a state or regionally accredited public or private school, the local receiving school may choose to test the student to determine if he/she should be placed in the desired grade level or if certain credits may be transferred. Although the vast majority of public and private schools are cooperative concerning transferring credits from private online homeschools like WiloStar, they are not required by law to automatically accept credits from any school, regardless of accreditation. Accreditation is also completely voluntary, meaning many private schools and even some public schools are not accredited. Think about your goals and weigh the pros and cons. WiloStar thinks outside the box and our program is designed for unique learners and families who think differently. We do not teach common core nor do we adhere to mandated standards  that do not fit our wonderfully unique students. We can happily put you in touch with real families with real success stories with us over the years as you weigh your options.

Alliance of Immersive Schools

WiloStar3D is once again leading the way in education. Prompted by a desire to help other private and homeschool programs utilize and implement a top notch immersive learning experience, WiloStar has founded the Alliance of Immersive Schools. Our goal is to help other educators and parents implement and utilize successful immersive strategies and project based learning for student success. The Alliance of Immersive schools was founded to provide a community where educators and home educators can come to learn new teaching strategies and how to utilize new immersive technologies in education both at home and in the  virtual setting.  Immersive learning is an excellent addition to any homeschool program or distance learning school. Thus, the birth of a new day for WiloStar- leading the way for other  virtual schools! Check back for more information on our immersive learning offerings coming spring of 2024.

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