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WiloStar3D- Creating Creators is our motto!

Full time immersive online homeschooling virtual school program for grades 6-12. Fully accredited and well respected with over 20 years of happy parents and students! WiloStar3D Academy’s online homeschool program has an interactive live 3D campus, certifed teachers and integrated approach to learning.

Immersive Learning Pioneers

Immersive Curriculum for Creative Learners

Students create, learn and interact with WiloStar’s immersive learning virtual worlds.

Immersive Online Homeschooling Program

Creative and Unique 3D Homeschooling Program for Students who love technology, coding, virtual worlds and design


Are you searching for an online homeschooling program that is unique, creative and respected? Look no further! WiloStar3D Academy has been successfuly serving students for over 23 years and our fully accredited online homeschooling private school program has graduated hundreds of grads who all attended colleges of their choices. Our  online homeschooling program uses ground-breaking immersive virtual worlds to enhance the learning progress and engage students unlike never before.

Our Online Homeschool Program Engages students  by using 3D Virtual World Projects

WiloStar3D Academy students participate in 3D immersive live class meetings and make learning come alive by building their own 3D virtual world projects to go with their online homeschool studies. Our private school program offers a full-time virtual school program and is geared towards students entering careers in game design, coding and tech related fields.

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Interactive Learning

 WiloStar3D is a unique interactive online homeschooling  immersive program that is pioneering the use of  3D virtual worlds for 6-12 education. Homeschool online in an interactive 3D campus environment unlike anything else!

Future of Virtual Schooling is Here

What if you could create your own 3D objects, add books, papers, and even customize your own school desk? What if you could create your own exciting 3D virtual worlds to go with your online homeschooling studies and attend school in 3D? This is not a “what if” with us!  Online homeschooling has never been so exciting!

Differentiated Learning

Our fully accredited online homeschooling program believes in making individual accommodations to the learning program to best fit the needs of each student. Call us now at 877-711-8117 ext 2 to find out how WiloStar3D can help your child succeed.

Trusted  online homeschooling program with over two decades of success

Accredited online homeschool classes and homeschooling curriculum that transfers to high school and college

Well proven evaluation, child support, and parent intercommunication

Adapts to Different Learning Styles

  • Our 3D online homeschool adapts to different learning styles
  • Ideal for gifted and bright  students who are creative thinkers
  • Homeschooling approach that is fun!
  • Interactive homeschooling program that fosters creativity

Promotes Higher Order Thinking

  • Enhances problem-solving abilities
  • 3D immersive education keeps students engaged
  • 3D virtual worlds for K-12 teaching and learning enhances reading comprehension
  • Our unique 3D homeschooling program motivates students to excel
  • Utilizes active learning

Trusted Immersive Online Homeschooling Program

  • Incorporates stimulating online 3D virtual reality world development in educational online homeschooling projects
  • Safe, trusted  virtual world educational environment
  • Safe, trusted 3D virtual worlds for schools
  • You can expect the best of respected educational methodology set in a whole new online world for kids who enjoy video games, online role playing and technology.

Prepared Students

  • Our online homeschool is fully accredited by the National Private Schools Group
  • Our nationally recognized online homeschooling curricula is trusted by parents and educators
  • Certified teachers
  • Success stories of online homeschool graduates who have tackled advanced learning programs ahead of their grades
  • Online learning in an exciting and fun 3D virtual world created just for online homeschooling!

Virtual Egyptians

Immerse yourself in our world history integrated studies course and become an ancient Egyptian and learn how pyramids were built.

Virtual Rome and Greece

Build a Roman villa, and experience what life was like during the Roman empire.

Life on the Nile

Immerse yourself in ancient life along the Nile river and learn how local geography and resources shaped culture.

Knights of the Roundtable

Become a knight of the roundtable and create an interactive immersive journey for your classmates to travel through.

Historical Role Playing

Students conduct 3D living history tours, role play historical events and participate in historical theater and plays.

Become King Arthur

Learn about Camelot and write your own script making this tale come alive in new ways.

Virtual Frontier Town

Become a frontier townsperson. From the town doctor to the local blacksmith, you will experience and learn what life was like in the American frontier.

Oregon Trail

Become a member of a family traveling west and recreate the hardships and triumphs you experience along the way.

Gold Rush

What was it like during the gold rush? Create your own gold mining town and find out!

History Alive

When you play a role different from your everyday viewpoint, new insight is developed by stepping into another's shoes.